Genesis 4: 1-26—6:22 (Chronicles 1: 1-4)

The next verses show us that another theme is developing, humans coming to God the way they want to. (this is called “religion”) We read yesterday that Adam and Eve try to fix themselves by covering themselves with fig leaves. That is not the right covering so God kills an animal substitute (Sin=Death) and makes them clothes. Cain brings God what he thinks is a good offering, God denies him and accepts Able’s because he brought a death sacrifice. (Payment for Sin=Death) God taught them that sin atonement requires something to die. You can only be right with God, God’s way, you don’t get to make up your own way. Don’t like that? Take it up with God, He’ll convince you He is God and knows what He is doing. Moving on, although you could write thousands of books about the passages we just read.

The passage today lays out the genealogy of Seth to Noah. This is important because God is starting to teach us about the whole sin=death thing. I can’t take credit for noticing this. I picked up my Bible Knowledge Commentary to consult it about the upcoming passage about giants and saw this. I am blow away. God teaches us that no matter what these people in the genealogy did during their life, in the end they died. “He died” is repeated 8 times in this chapter. Everyone dies., except for Enoch. He had a close fellowship with the Lord, so the Lord spared him from death and just took him. In Chapter 5 of the bible God is already teaching us how to get life. I am amazed.

Next we see that the human race has become corrupt. The BKC says that “sons of God” refers to lusty men who wanted sex and power. Sons of God took as many women as they wanted. The result of these unions where giants, heroes and warriors of the time. They were probably under the control of Satan. In any case, the Lord says, “My Spirit will not put up with them for such a long time, they are only mortal flesh.” This is to clear up any confusion about if these ancients were divine or gods themselves. Humans would make the mistake of assuming anyone with giant qualities, power or a long-life span was divine. He is making it clear that these humans are just that, human. Other than their ability to sin, there is not much special about them right now. We have also discovered the quote of the day: “My Spirit will not put with you,” will be used around this house today for sure when I get tired of hearing the one-sided Fortnite conversations/yelling.

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Sarah Griffith
Sarah Griffith

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