Job 15: 1—18:21

Eli should take his own advice and not engage in empty chatter. As I read this, and reflected how much dialogue has gone on between these friends, I thought, “Gosh, they have watched Job live his life, do they really not see that he was living uprightly?” I think they are so convinced that they have God all figured out that they are not even entertaining the fact that they have seen this situation wrong.

Now, I am sure all of us have been in situations where we have been handled badly by people. Look to Job for how to survive that kind of hurt. He goes to the One who really knows and is the source of wisdom. He says, “Even now my witness is in heaven. My advocate is there on high.” This taught me that no matter what kind of suffering or hurt comes my way, it does not mean that God has lost control. He is still my advocate. He might be testing me, He might be growing me, He might have a bet over me with Satan, whatever the case, He is still God. It also taught me to seek that advocate before I just assume I know what He is doing in someone’s life.

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Sarah Griffith
Sarah Griffith

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