Job 32: 1—34: 37

Ok, this young guy Elihu is having a moment. It is the equivalent of him jumping up and yelling, “Ok Boomer!” in exasperation because the old folks are trying to solve this problem of Job and his suffering. And listen, his arguments are not wrong. For example, Elihu says that God is greater than any human being. Very true, there young man. BUT the thing that jumps off the page is that Elihu believes that God acts in things based on our behavior. So, if we play that out, that means that if we are good God will be good to us, and if we are bad God will be bad to us. But do you see the problem? What about the creation that has fallen because of sin and is not capable of doing anything good apart from God? How will God restore creation to perfection as he promised in the beginning of Genesis if he can only act on our behalf when we do good things? Do you see the flaw? Remember this book is to teach us about how God can act and show mercy when He wants too, and He can withhold blessing when He wants to because He is God. And the good thing about that character trait is that He is without sin and loves His creation so, even though we have done nothing good to deserve it, He will rescue us based on his character not our behavior! PRAISE THE LORD!

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Sarah Griffith
Sarah Griffith

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