Job 38: 1—40: 5

I give our friend the Bible Knowledge Commentary a perusal before I start writing just to be sure I am not writing anything to crazy. Today it said this: “At last Job’s plea that God answer him was granted. Repeatedly Job had knocked on heaven’s door, longing for God to answer (13:22; 31:35).1” And now, I can’t get the Guns N Roses song, “Knocking on Heavens Door,” out of my head. Yes, yes, I know I am such a great Christian. Leave me alone.

I cannot get over God’s response to Job. He asks Job questions! He does not smite him off the earth for being cheeky. And His questions are His defense. He uses what He has created to show Job that He is more infinite and more glorious and more powerful than we could ever comprehend. My favorite was the ostrich. The ostrich fly’s in the face of our understanding. Well, not fly’s, per se because they can’t fly, but it is an illustration of how our minds work. Eggs, wings and feathers in our minds equals “bird that fly’s.” But God turns that on its head and makes it so the ostrich can’t fly. God’s whole argument here is meant to teach us that we can’t understand Him and figure Him out, we can only sit in awe of Him and accept His sovereignty over us.

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Sarah Griffith
Sarah Griffith

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