Jeremiah 2: 31—4: 18

Jeremiah spends chapters 2-45 relating the prophecies he has been given about the judgement of Judah.  I was so struck today by the fact that it seems God’s people want to do everything BUT worship him.  The picture painted for me today by Jeremiah was the fact that Israel and Judah did not lack enthusiasm for all things spiritual, they just wanted to try everything and make up their own way.  And then it sank into my brain, this character flaw in us humans is still alive and well today.  Proof of the sin nature we carry rears its head when God says, “Follow me,” and we respond with, “Yeah, but I think ___________ is a better option and one I enjoy more. 

Colossians 1: 1-17

I am fully geeked out today over this book.  Paul is the author; Timothy probably wrote it down at Paul’s dictation.  Again, written from a Roman jail cell sometime between 60-62 AD.  He is addressing believers in Colosse, a church plant that is thriving.  But the thing I am geeking out about is this book gives us some church history on how the Gospel of Jesus Christ was getting twisted.  This book addresses the false belief system of Gnosticism. 

The Gnostic’s believed that you had to observe the OT Law.  They believed they had to search for special and deeper meaning in God’s Word and they worshiped angels and mediators they thought would give them this intel into the true meaning of God’s Word.  They were also very exclusive and believed that only a select few had this propensity to receive this special knowledge.  They also believe that Christ was a good teacher and a brilliant healer and profit, but they did not believe that he was the “visible image of the invisible God.” (Col. 1: 15)  If we take what Jeremiah taught us today about our nature to not wanting to do what God says, and the false teaching Paul is addressing in this book we see that it is exactly the same problem!!!  We want to worship God our way.  The Israelites wanted to make up their own gods, the Gnostics wanted to be like God and have special knowledge no one else had, but at the core it is the same—I want my own way. 

Paul addresses this false teaching by driving home the point of Christ’s Deity.  And then he challenges the Colossians to be mature in their faith so they can stand against heresy.  The purpose for this letter is so they will not fall victim to wrong thinking.

In today’s reading he says, “We ask God to give you complete knowledge of his will and to give you spiritual wisdom and understanding.”  This is because all knowledge and wisdom come from God.  If you are turning away from what God says in His Word, you are also giving up knowledge and wisdom.  It’s as simple as that. 

Pro Tip from Coach Sarah: If someone says to you, “Hey, I’ve got some information about God that is not in the bible.  He gave it to me because I have reached a special spiritual level,” RUN AWAY!!!

Psalm 76: 1-12

Proverbs 24: 21-22

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