Leviticus 20: 1—22: 33

Do you remember when we were reading through Proverbs and if felt like God was hung up on wisdom?  We decided that when God teaches something in His word over and over we have to be alerted that this is something we will be prone to do in our natural sinful state.  Well, key in here because God is teaching the Israelites over and over about sex.  God is totally not holding back on having “the sex talk” with them.  Sex, and how it is used, is very important to God. 

If you were looking at this in a regular bible and not the daily bible you would see that we start today with the conclusion of yesterday’s section.  At the end of this whole list of rules, God says you need to do all these things so the Land does not vomit you out (20:22).  He then gives them the command to discern (consider, think about) what will make them unclean.  They have to do this because He is Holy, and He has chosen them to be His special people. 

The instructions then move into instructions for priests.  The priest cannot have any defects just like the sacrificial animals the people are bringing cannot have defects.  Remember this is not because God hates people with defects it’s because this is an elaborate visual aid for how to atone for sin.  The priest and the sacrifices have to be free of defects, perfect.  You can see that He loves them because tells the priests to allow them to eat the most Holy sacrifices.  Defects are a reflection of this broken and sinful world that was established in the garden Eden. 

We start with the final instructions for the sacrifices.  They have to be perfect and without defect.   Remember this is all a visual aid to teach them about atonement.  Look what I found in the Bible Knowledge Commentary this morning: 

“Wenham argues that the sacrificial animals are “the priests of the animal world,” that is, as the Gentiles are symbolized by unclean animals, and Israel by clean animals, the priests are symbolized by sacrificial animals.” 

The Lord is specific because He is teaching them the most important thing, how to atone for their sin.  

The Lord concludes His instructions for Aaron with “do not bring shame on my name.”  If they keep His commands He will display His holiness among them.  He reminds them that He makes them holy and that He was their rescuer.  

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