Numbers 2: 1—3: 51

The purpose of the book of Numbers is an instruction manual for the Israelites as to how to travel, set up camp, how the Levites would carry out their duties, and prepare to receive all that God had promised them.  In the 40 years that this book covers we are going to follow them as they learn to believe God’s promise and act out on it.  

Today’s section gives us an idea of how many people are traveling.  This endeavor is absolutely divine. There is no way to get that many people organized and headed the same direction without God’s intervention.   Here is a helpful diagram.

The dedication of the firstborn was something that would cause them to remember the fact that God spared their firstborn in the time of the Exodus.  God doesn’t get hung up on the fact that the numbers don’t match up perfectly. He makes a way for them to remember the Passover by compensating the Levites for the 273 that don’t have a match.  

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Sarah Griffith
Sarah Griffith

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