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It has been a crazy couple of months. That is generally the case when you have made all these plans, and then get humbled and realize you are about to learn how to pivot, set your thoughts aside and follow the advice of someone who knows more than you. BUT, I would not go backwards, not for all the tea in china. I am on fire for what I believe is the idea God gave me to help women see that their lives matter.

I leave for She Speaks in 4 days. I will learn a lot because it is a writers conference meant to equip us in our individual gifts and teach us how to better communicate. While there, I will be proposing a book idea. But I have learned that my idea is not just a book, it is a message. So I am calling this a message proposal. I really hope that does not come back to bite me in the butt. It feels a little pompous to say, “This is more than one book.” But I don’t do anything by halves. I just take a flying leap and see where I land. Hopefully I do not land in the landing pad called, “Get a grip glory hog.”

Anyway, my OG’s, I wanted to share my proposal with y’all. As soon as I started typing it out I knew it would serve as my part two of “A Humbling.” I think this proposal communicates the humbling I went through and the heart behind my idea. But also readers, this is for y’all. I write for you because I want you to fall more in love with Jesus. So here you go! You get your first look at my idea for the future of my writing:

Hello!  Good ________!  I am so glad to be here.   My name is Sarah Griffith, I am from TX.  I did not grow up in church.  In fact, I did not get saved until I was 33 and my husband got saved a year later.  We then went to Ethnos 360 and studied the bible in their two-year training program.  Currently, my husband is on staff at our church and I volunteer in Women’s Ministry as the Bible Study Coordinator.  I also write on my blog every day. 

I just want to get this out of the way.  I was planning on coming with a totally different book proposal.  However, I am a Hope Writer and one of the good things about that is they equip you and encourage you to find your niche and to always think about your audience.  This consideration of my audience led me to hire Brian Dixon to help me clarify my original message before coming here.  It was in our first meeting that I realized I was writing a book for me, and not for my readers.  Brian helped me get to the deeper message that would actually help my readers see God more clearly.  I am so thankful!  But it has been a huge pivot, so here goes!

I want people to understand that their lives matter because of God’s Glorious Timeline.  The Bible is God’s Glorious Timeline of Redemption and we all fit into it whether we want to or not.  Not only that but each of us have our own unique God Timeline.  We have plot points in our life where we learned something about Him, we fell into sin or had a church camp high, experienced heartbreak, and fell in love with Our Savior.  All these things add up to Our God Timeline. 

However, I have found that the Bible is so misunderstood because people don’t understand God’s Glorious Timeline of Redemption.  I have done these 30 interviews to help me better understand how to explain this Timeline I see in God’s Word. (Hand her the interview summaries)  After processing those interviews and spending some creative time with God, I have come up with this workbook (hand her the workbook).  This is an overview of the Timeline I see in God’s word and some reflection questions to get women to see where God has worked or moved in their lives. 

I have discovered that I am a “Scriptural Coach” of sorts.  I can walk a woman through areas where God has worked and help her see her God Timeline.  It is so helpful in our Christian life to reflect back on what God has done.  It helps us be encouraged about where we are going in the future.  I would love to market a product like this, (give her the framed timeline).  I think women would love to have their own unique God Timeline hanging on their wall.  This is my unique Timeline and when I look at it, I see how faithful God has been in my life. 

I plan to use this workbook to coach women to see their God Timeline.  When I get home from this conference, I am going to just start emailing Women’s Directors at church’s in the DFW Area and ask if I can come speak at their women’s ministry gatherings about this God Timeline.  I am passionate about this because I have seen women absolutely fall in love with God’s Word and realized their value because of where they fit into God’s Glorious Timeline. 

I have several book ideas for this topic.  The first would obviously be a book going into more detail about the Timeline I see in God’s Word than this workbook does.  I would put away big words like covenantal theology and dispensations and choose a Meta-narrative approach.  I would expand on the specific plot points I chose for the workbook and look deeper into the lives of the people living out those plot points. 

 I also see a Timeline in the book of Romans, probably because I have lived that book of the bible out in real-time.  I have been the lost sinner thinking I was wise only to rack up an insurmountable sin debt.  I had God interrupt my life and show me how to be right with Him, and I have had to learn how to stop being a slave to sin.  And now I am trying to live out that transformed life.  However, in all that I have also learned about God’s grace for sinners who fall back into their old ways.  He pulls us back out of those old ways time and time again. 

Beyond those ideas I would love to take the God Timelines of specific people in the bible and write books about their plot points.  Say I was to write a book about the Timeline in Ruth and Naomi’s life; women who struggled with being bitter after divorce or the death of their spouse would be encouraged to see how Naomi goes from being embittered to being full of joy. 

I would treasure your feedback because you are a professional and this idea is so new, I need help getting it right and then getting it out into the world. I need someone who knows what they are doing to help me build a viable platform and market this message.  I am fully aware that I do not have all the credentials to be a safe bet for publishers right now.  However, I am a hard worker and I believe this message can help my readers understand God more fully in their lives.  It is important to me to get this message out to women.  I would love to work with you.  Here is a one sheet to summarize the idea.  (Hand her to one-sheet) It has my blog address and all my contact info. 

My plan is to loosely memorize this so I hit all the points but don’t have to read. I always have to have some sort of plan when I am speaking or I am in danger of saying off putting things and cuss words. I don’t know what happens but without a plan I go off the rails.

Huge shout out to my bestie Kelly Drose. She took my idea’s and made them beautiful. She is a killer graphic designer. I am so thankful for the Kelly Drose Design House. Hit her up if you need any graphic design work done. Here is what she has come up with for the workbook cover art:

Isn’t that gorgeous. The workbook will be available soon. It is a walk through that Meta-Narrative I talked about in the proposal along with reflection questions.

Here is what Kelly came up with for the One-Sheet I have to leave with the publishers:

I would treasure your prayers. If I am honest I am scared to death. Good thing I just gave a talk on Monday about being in control of your thought life because I am getting a lot of practice! YIKES! I am plagued by visions of me walking up to the registration desk and something like this playing out:

Me: HI! I am Sarah Griffith, just here to register.

Conference Person: Oh Good! I am glad you finally got here, we have been trying to reach you. When we looked over your stuff we realized you are a total fraud and it would be better for all Christians everywhere if you would stop writing right now. Thanks. No refunds either.

Me: {dissolves into puddle}

BUT, this is where I remind myself not to be self-centered. I remember that I am already accepted and loved by Jesus. Even if every door slams in my face, at the end of the day I still want you, my reader, to know your life matters because you fit into God’s Glorious Timeline.

Thank you again Kelly. You are a gift and I love you.


  1. Cynthia Crowell on July 21, 2019 at 8:39 AM

    I am so honored to be your friend and watch God use you in such a big way!!! I can’t wait to use the workbook and read your book. And I am totally inviting myself to tag along to one of your speaking engagements as your roadie!

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