Hi there! I'm Sarah.

I just wanted to share a little bit about me, so you know what you are getting into!  I am a military brat who has lived in Washington State, Michigan, Vermont and Texas.  Texas is and always will be my (adopted) home state.  (That is a rule for military brats since we never had a “home” town, we get to pick a state.)


I went to Texas Tech, the only real University in Texas.  I studied Agricultural Economics.  Why you might ask?  Well, I started out majoring in Animal Science, then switched to Biology, then switched to business, then realized my parents were not going to send me to school forever!  So, I sat down with the catalog and calculated what I could get the fastest with my credit hours, Voila—Ag Econ.  I graduated in 2001 and became a full-time Horse Trainer. 

I married the most amazing husband you could possibly imagine in 2002 and shortly after that we moved from Lubbock to Dallas.  We have the most darling kids you will ever meet, maybe I am biased?  Our little girl was born in 2004, and our son was born in 2007.  Through a series of fortunate/unfortunate events (well documented on the blog) we found ourselves hopeless and in need of a life reset in 2010.  This hopelessness led me to church.  I got saved in 2011, and my hubby got saved a year later.  Two years after that we loaded up and went to Ethnos 360 Bible Institute (then New Tribes Bible Institute) in Jackson Michigan.  We were driven to know what was in God’s Word.  We were also pretty much the oldest students in our graduating class, but we got that life rest we were after. 

We moved back to Texas after graduation and my hubby signed on to work for our church.  I raise these darling kids that have now turned into teenagers, and mostly drive them around.  I also teach bible studies, write and am a speaker.  Currently, I am in my first year at Dallas Theological Seminary.  I have a passion for studying God’s Word and I want to teach you how to study it too! 

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Meet the Animals!

We also live on a little hobby farm; guess I didn’t get too far away from that Agricultural Economics degree!  We raise dairy goats, chickens, ducks and really naughty dogs here at Sojourn farm.