Happy Birthday my love!  You got up this morning and told me you are 58.  So, let me start by saying you look REALLY good for your age!  (He is actually 42) A few years ago when we were in Re-Engage (marriage workshop) the workbook taught us to “study” our partner.  This is the art of paying attention and learning what makes the other person tick.  I don’t mean to brag but at this point I have a Masters in Observing Jesse Griffith.  For Jesse’s World Famous The Sarah Griffith Blog Birthday Post I am going to give y’all a list of things that make Jesse who is but might go unnoticed by the public.  So here we go!

  1. Jesse cannot form sentences in the morning if he has not had at least one cup of coffee.  Pre-coffee times are not a good time to address anything, at all, ever. 
  2. Jesse cannot eat a meal without a drink.  He will flat sit there with a delicious meal in front of him and wait for his glass to be refilled.  I have spent much time trying to understand this behavior.  After much probing I found out that in elementary school they had to finish their meal before they got a drink.  I have decided this is Jesse’s quiet rebellion against “The Man.”  In my life now, I actually check the fullness of his cup to make sure it is in fact full before the waitress sets our food down.  If we are eating at home, I give him a 5-minute warning to get his appropriate drink. 
  3. He carries a backpack that contains things that would allow him to live for a week off grid and still have enough left-over stuff to build a solar powered computer.  He will be very handy in the Zombie Apocalypse.  If said backpack is missing, the world stops until we find it.
  4. Jesse’s favorite thing in life is to attach stuff to his belt.  If a gadget comes with a belt clip Jesse is ALL IN.
  5. He has a lot of knives.  If you find me chopped up in my freezer, don’t believe the suicide note.  (that is not mine, that is from the show “Everybody Loves Raymond.”)
  6. He will flat fold himself inside out before he disappoints me.  He is always striving to be my hero and I love him for that. 
  7. When I cry, he is not afraid, he goes in for the hug every time. 
  8. When someone is mean to me, he is ready to fight them, but also knows I hate fighting so won’t actually start a fight.
  9. He needs a plan but does not want to make the plan.  Having Family Same Page Meeting to make a plan for the week makes him less stressed. 
  10. I found out this week that he is actually an artist.  I am excited to see what comes out of this new found love of creating art.   
  11. He will never spend money on himself.  Ever, like its super annoying because he will wear clothes that homeless people would turn down. 
  12. Me, Sydney, Brock, Laycie and Kohen are foremost in his mind All.  The.  Time.  Everything he does is driven by his love of us.  (And the Lord of course)
  13. He is the clam to any storm.  He has this ability to just be calm.  In fact, nothing makes me angrier then when he says to me, “You need to calm down.”  He has the gift of calm and I think God knew that I needed calm in my life. 
  14. He is the guy.  When you think, “I need help doing________.”  He is the guy. 
  15. He spends hours upon hours making sure that church runs smoothly on Sunday’s. 
  16. He loves Texas Tech.  His love of Tech made me love it even more and now even if we are in the biggest fight, we can come together over a Tech sporting event. 
  17. His office is a mess.  He likes it that way, so I don’t worry about it anymore.  (Well, I TRY not to worry about it anymore.)
  18. If he had his way, we would burn all our trash.  This is an area that will lead us to needing more marriage counseling.  (Trash goes in a trash can, not in your office in a pile labeled “will be burned someday.”)
  19. I have to make him go golfing.  He loves to be home so much I have to make him go to the golf course.  I have come to find that this is a special thing because there are a lot of husbands that don’t like being home. 
  20. His truck is spotless and organized.  If it’s not that way he hates it.  Yes, that’s right, office is a mess, truck is spotless.  And he gives me such grief over my car smelling like gym shoe. 
  21. He cannot remember names but loves people so much that he tries so very hard. Jesse: Hey you know Joe Stewart? Me: You mean Jeff Stewart?  And this happens 27,000 times a week.  (Except he does actually remember his best friends name)
  22. If he is your friend, he is your friend forever.  He will love you and your family forever. 
  23. He is the most patient teacher ever.  He does 6th grade Think Through Math, he does a 14-year-old learning to drive in a parking lot.  I don’t do either of those without considerable drugs on board, and that is frowned upon.
  24. He was the first one who took me seriously when I said I wanted to be a writer.  I love him for that. 
  25. He can literally watch a You Tube video on something and then be proficient at whatever it is.  Sharpening knives is one of his new gifts thanks to You Tube.  (Please see #5)
  26. He is so generous he literally asked me if we could give up my farmhouse and move into Sojourn House for some missionaries that are moving here and want some acreage.  Unfortunately for him, I am not that generous. 
  27. If you need something and he finds out about it, he will do everything he can do to get it for you.  (Sometimes his wife inhibits his generosity.)
  28. He is in love with the idea that as believers we leave our kids with a “Legacy” that is not just money.  He wants our kids to see that he lived a life of faith and wisdom.  That is what he wants to pass down to them.  He has literally read books about it. 
  29. He comes from a banking background, but money is not his lord, Jesus is. 
  30. He has studied me and has learned about me too.  When I seem unstable his first question is, “Have you been in God’s Word today?”  When I seem sad, he says, “You should go get your paws and claws done.”  I love him dearly for that. 
  31. He could sleep in until noon every day.  But has also grown up enough to know this does not support good will on my side.  I have grown up enough to watch for the signs that point to him needing a sleep-in day. 
  32. Some guys have drug or alcohol problems, Jesse has a black-market tool dealer.  I am shocked every time I walk into the shop and see new tools.  That is the one thing he will spend money on but justifies it by saying, “It is so I can fix stuff for the church!”  To be fair I have a black-market book dealer. 
  33. If there is a gadget that performs a function to make his life easier Jesse will give it a try.  If it clips to his belt, he is ALL IN! 
  34. He is so much smarter than me.  He thinks on a plane that is so far above all of us.  He really sees things from a 30,000’ view. 
  35. He can get along with anyone in the world at any time.  It is amazing to watch. 
  36. He can also get people to do stuff without them even knowing he asked them to do it.  It is a gift of leadership.
  37. He is the most humble person I know.  (I know I always say I am the most humble person I know, but it’s really him.)
  38. He has poured himself out to make sure the church building is everything we all want it to be.  I have literally seen God use Jesse to get someone to do something on the build site that seems impossible, but, boom! it gets done. 
  39. He sat in our room the other day and said, “I don’t think I am the guy for this job, there are so many people who are better at it than me.”  And in that moment, I knew without a doubt that he was EXACTLY the right guy for that job. 
  40. He loves our church so dearly.  Not the building, the people.  He will serve them until he is so old he can’t put his gadget laden belt on anymore. 
  41. He has tackled sin in his life that held him in absolute bondage.  This is a gift to our marriage because he has faith when God says, “You are no longer a slave to sin,” and he was brave enough to walk that truth out. 
  42. The more I study him the more I find he is my favorite part of the day. (Sorry kids, he is beating you in that category.)

I love you babe.  You make me better.  You keep me from getting ahead of myself and sinking my ship.  You are my kite string anchoring me to the ground.  I used to hate you for that, but know I see the wisdom in how you roll.  We are so much better together.  I am so thankful God restored our marriage.  YOU ARE THE GUY. 


Your Wife.

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Sarah Griffith
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