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2/28/20 One Year Chronological Bible Recap

2/28/20 Numbers 4: 1—5: 31 My friend Ginger and I are doing a bible study together and just last week we were praising God because He is the God of order.  So, reading through these instructions for moving the tabernacle made me think of how much I love the fact that our God is the…

2/27/20 One Year Chronological Bible Recap

2/27/20 Numbers 2: 1—3: 51 The purpose of the book of Numbers is an instruction manual for the Israelites as to how to travel, set up camp, how the Levites would carry out their duties, and prepare to receive all that God had promised them.  In the 40 years that this book covers we are…

2/26/20 One Year Chronological Bible Recap

2/26/20 Leviticus 27: 1-34, Numbers 1: 1-54 WE MADE IT THROUGH LEVITICUS!!! The section wraps up with dedications and tithing of the herds.  And the conclusion reiterates who wrote it, when and for who just so there is no confusion.   We started the book of Numbers.  So, titled because it is the book that records…

2/25/20 One Year Chronological Bible Recap

2/25/20 Leviticus 25: 24—26: 46 The Israelites have entered into a covenant with God.  It is referred to as the Mosaic Covenant because Moses is the one who the information is given to.  Today we get the blessing and curses portion of the covenant.   The blessings for obedience to the ordinances sound divine—because they are! …

2/24/20 One Year Chronological Bible Recap

2/24/20 Leviticus 23: 1—25: 23 The Festivals are important to understand because this is what forms the culture for the Israelites.  This is the flow of their year.  These Festivals were a call to remember what the Lord had done just like the Sabbath day every week.  The New Testament makes much more sense when…

2/23/20 One Year Chronological Bible Recap

2/23/20 Leviticus 20: 1—22: 33 Do you remember when we were reading through Proverbs and if felt like God was hung up on wisdom?  We decided that when God teaches something in His word over and over we have to be alerted that this is something we will be prone to do in our natural…

2/22/20 One Year Chronological Bible Recap

2/22/20 Leviticus 17: 1—19: 37 So, we start today with God laying down the law and order with the sacrifices.  This is to keep the sacrificial system holy.  Remember they are still being provided Manna every day, so they don’t need to be sacrificing their animals to eat.  This is also pagan worship prevention.  He…

2/21/20 One Year Chronological Bible Recap

2/21/20 Leviticus 14: 33—16: 34 You lost me at “Any man who has a bodily discharge…”  I don’t even know how to comment.  What I do know is these regulations not only differentiated clean from unclean it also stopped diseases from spreading through the camp.  And that is all I want to say about discharges…

2/20/20 One Year Chronological Bible Recap

2/20/20 Leviticus 12: 1—14: 32 The next part makes all my feminist tendencies rear their head!  But, if you are like me in that way, take a breath, give God a chance to explain Himself to you.  God does not hate women.  He does not make the uncleanness last longer for baby girls because He…

2/19/20 One Year Chronological Bible Recap

2/19/20 Leviticus 9: 1—11: 47 Ok so for two years at Texas Tech I was an Animal Science major. My Animal Science aspirations ended with a meat judging class. Nope, no thank you, I don’t want to see how we get the meat until it is at the grocery store. Guys, seriously the amount of…

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