Well my baby girl, you are 15.  I can’t even believe it.  The years have really gone by so fast.  Each progressing year has been my favorite with you.  Sydney, you really are an amazing human.  You and I became believers within a few months of each other, so spiritually speaking we have been walking with the Lord about the same amount of time.  You and I have been learning about Jesus and becoming transformed by Him as we walk together through this crazy life of ours.  I wish you could see yourself through my eyes or better yet through God’s eyes.  I know He is delighted with you sweet girl.  He loves the way you learn, get out of your comfort zone, and seek Him.  Just so you readers know, when I tell her this is stuff, I always start singing Christy Knockles’ song, “Always Remember to Never Forget,” and she rolls her eyes.  But I always sing to her anyway…”Hey there beautiful you, you there shining with glory….” because my joy in life is to make my kids roll their eyes at me.  

But it is time for your birthday blog post so let’s get to it.  I have compiled a list for you of ways that you reflect Jesus to all those around you.  This is literally God’s will for your life, so yeah Sydney, He is delighted with you.  And so am I.  You are the shining glory of my life kiddo, and I love you to pieces. 

  1. Just like Jesus, you know right from wrong.  Your sense of what is right causes you to fight for those who are being wronged.  This is beautiful in a world that wants to tear each other down.
  2. You love so deeply.  You are not stingy with your love; you love deeply and freely. 
  3. You are so loyal.  Once you are a friend you are always a friend.
  4. You are so protective of those you love.  You will go to bat in heartbeat for someone.
  5. You are so brave.  You don’t even know yet how brave you are.
  6. You will sacrifice your own happiness to make someone feel loved and cared for.
  7. You are empathetic.  When people are sad, you are not afraid to walk through the sadness with them.  You don’t say, “It looks dark down there, you want a sandwich?”  You get in the dark hole with the person.  And as someone who has been in a dark hole that you got down in with me, I am thankful for you. 
  8. You want the whole world to believe in God.  You don’t want anyone to be lost.
  9. You are so passionate.  You have no problem flipping a table if need be.
  10. You have integrity.  You do what you say, and you can be trusted.
  11. You are humble.  You consider others before yourself.
  12. You are gentle.  You know how to be a soft place for people to land.
  13. You talk to God the Father on a regular basis.  This might be the one thing that has the most impact on your life.
  14. Just like Jesus’ sheep know his voice, you goats know your voice.  This means you are a good shepherd like Jesus is.  If you were a cruel master your goats would run from you, but they don’t.  They love you.  Just like we love Jesus because he cares for our needs.
  15. You want to make things right with people.  Your first thought when you CRASHED MY CAR INTO THE GARAGE was, “How can I make this right with my mom.”  That is incredible Sydney and it reflects how Jesus makes us right with God.  It shows incredible maturity, aside from the fact that you ran my car into the garage wall.  But we are all a work in process. 

I love Jesus and am so grateful He saved me and made me right with God.  BUT the fact that He saved you too and made you right with God is such a gift to me from Jesus because I am your mom.  As a mom you just want your kids to feel confident and loved.  I know that because of this relationship you have with Jesus no matter what comes your way, you will be ok.  I love that we have been on this journey of discovery together.  I love you more than I can communicate.  I am so excited we get to go the beach together to celebrate you.  You make dad and I look so good!  Keep that up!  LOL 

Love, mom


  1. Barbara Walters on August 4, 2019 at 2:08 PM

    Happy Birthday To Sydney. Same day as Quentons. Only he’s 11. Enjoy!

  2. alimw2013 on August 5, 2019 at 11:16 AM

    Sweet birthday wishes!

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