Every generation must have a moment that happens where you remember exactly where you were when it happened.  9/11 is for sure one of those moments.  I was a senior at Texas Tech.  I was paying for a parking ticket that had to be paid or I would not graduate in December.  I remember being so annoyed at the line in the parking office.  They had a TV in there, and that is when I, with about 20 strangers saw the destruction from the first plane hitting the first twin tower.  The smoldering building with a tail of a plane sticking out held our attention.  From there I went to the common area in the Agricultural Economics building, classes were canceled.  My fellow classmates and I sat in horror as we saw the second plane hit and our worst fears were confirmed.  This was no accident, it was a terrorist attack.  It is crazy how even at 21, I knew the world would never be the same.  

And it wasn’t the same.  Fear is a wicked catalyst for change.  Fear only knows two responses, fight or flight.  Before we knew it we were at war.  The unknown enemy had plans we were not familiar with.  Their lack of value for life introduced new horrors to my now newlywed mind.  Suicide bombs, genocide, and torture were things I did not want to hear.  Being a non-believer, not knowing who God was, gave me no way to reconcile this kind of evil.  So in my fear, I ran away.  I focused on horses, and having babies.  I did not get involved with this evil.  

The problem with evil is it just gets worse and worse.  God is not responsible for it but He uses it to get our attention.  God finally got my attention and I became a believer. (10 years later because I am a slow learner!)  I started to build a foundation which had been sorely lacking in my life.  I needed an anchor (God’s Word) to tie myself to keep me from swaying with every new sign of evil.  I started to have sure footing and a place to reconcile this evil that the 9/11 attacks introduced to my previously charmed life.  Worry and control where not my driving factors.  Trying to rid the world of evil was exposed as a fools errand by learning from God’s word.  God says evil will always be here because it is in your very hearts. The only cure for evil is Jesus.  

When we went to New York for Sydney’s choir trip we visited the 9/11 Museum.  I knew it would be hard, but I had no idea how much Jesus would drive home what He has taught me since this tragic event.  


This is all that is left from the twin towers.  The foundation y’all.  This entire museum is built on the foundation of the twin towers.  I can’t exactly explain what I felt when I walked down the long corridor and saw this.  It was as if Jesus said right into my heart, “So much evil happened here, but the foundation remains.”  I remembered what it felt like to have this terrorist attack happen and have nothing to grab onto, every thing was like sinking sand.  At this point in my life I cling to this foundation.  This foundation, that is life with Jesus, is the one thing that gave me victory over depression, over a failing marriage, over strangling fear of my kids dying, over betrayal, over prescription drugs, over life sucking anxiety, over smoking and over hopelessness.  Staring at that foundation wall those words washed over me, “So much evil happened here, but the foundation remains.”  

People I am still standing because of the foundation that Jesus provides.  Heck, at this point I will tell you I am THRIVING because of the foundation Jesus provides.  It is all we have in this world.  He is unshakeable.  Cling to that foundation.

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Sarah Griffith
Sarah Griffith

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